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You Become What you Believe!

Our coaching focuses on two main areas; the Mindset and Business Strategies. We help Kingdom Entrepreneurs to first develop a thought life that breaks their self imposed limits! We do this through simple but effective assessments, activities, and exercises designed to cultivate a thought life that's aligned with your God ordained purpose in life and business.

Our THOUGHTS shape our beliefs
Our BELIEFS shape our actions
Our ACTIONS change our lives!

Next we train and help Kingdom Entrepreneurs implement proven business strategies for a successful launch and prosperous business. Learn more by booking a Free Plan 2 Prosper Call with one of our coaches.

Thought Life...

Does your thought life need transforming? Our clients learn how to transform their thought life by centering their thoughts according to the promises of God. We help them break through old negative internal messaging that has been blocking them from building their vision.

Proven Business Strategies

We use proven biblical business strategies and industry proven online business strategies. We have a proven model for successfully launching and building a prosperous business. Our clients typically have their first 20-30 clients during their Kingdom Launch!

Breaking through!

What Clients are saying

I am passionate about glorifying God in all that I do!  I am a licensed therapist and business mindset coach.  I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 plus years, starting out with a traditional therapy business model and now as an online Business Mindset Coach, helping other Kingdom Entrepreneurs successfully launch their kingdom businesses utilizing my Proven 4 Phase Kingdom Launch Model.


During the Kingdom Launch, clients learn effective marketing strategies, content creation, how to have confidence with closing sales, and how to set up their foundational business systems.  But what makes our coaching extremely unique is that we utilize Biblical Business Principles and our clients launch with one of our team members so that they don’t have to feel like they’re doing business alone.  I’m ecstatic to offer this particular service to clients.  It helps to decrease the stress and anxiety that can often come from doing a launch solo.  I’d love to share more about our coaching services and how we can help you to launch the vision that’s in your heart.  Take a minute now and Schedule Your Free Plan to Prosper Call with me.

Need a great devotional that can help your thoughts align with God's promise of prosperity?

Positioned to Prosper

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Lord, Help me to Create better Money Habits as You Position Me to Prosper!

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